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Drone attack in Moscow: For the second time in two days

For the second time in just 48 hours: a drone attack in the heart of Moscow, the capital of Russia. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced this morning (Tuesday) that one drone was successfully intercepted and another drone hit a multi-story building in the business center of Moscow. Unusually, the building that was hit Tonight is the exact same building that was hit by the Ukrainian drone attack two days ago.

Second drone attack

There were no casualties in the attack, which occurred after on Sunday evening – following the previous attack, Zelensky implicitly accepted responsibility, saying: “The war is gradually coming to Russia.” The tall building, covered with large glass windows, houses Russian government offices. It is not clear what the extent of the damage was caused, but apparently it is only minor damage. As a result of the attack, Wonokubo International Airport was temporarily closed.

A few hours after the Ukrainian drone attack in the Russian capital, the Ministry of Defense in Moscow reported that it managed to foil an attack by unmanned vessels of the Ukrainian army against the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the city of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula. Earlier this morning, the official news agency in Russia reported that the commander of the army On the “special military operation” in Ukraine, General Valery Gerasimov, came to visit the combat front in the Zaporizhia region, where the Ukrainian army managed to advance in the last few days as part of the counterattack.

The escalation in Ukraine’s airstrikes in Moscow comes at the same time as additional airstrikes. Yesterday the authorities in Russia confirmed that a Ukrainian drone struck a police station in the Bryansk region, near the border between the countries, with no casualties. These attacks come after very difficult weeks of Russian attacks in Ukraine, and especially on the grain facilities in the Odesa port area.

Yesterday, at least six people were killed in a Russian bombardment of a residential building in the city of Kraiyiv Ria, the hometown of President Zelensky, and more than 50 were injured. Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that as part of the Russian attacks on the grain facilities, more than 180,000 tons of grain were destroyed – in a way that inevitably exacerbates the global nutrition crisis.

Zelensky was interviewed yesterday by a media outlet in Brazil, and also gave his prediction for the longevity of Russian President Putin. “Ukraine will not suffer for so much longer, he will die, he will not last another 10 years,” said Zelensky in an interview with the “Globo” newspaper.

Zelensky was asked if Putin could cause such prolonged suffering to Ukraine as he has caused long years in Syria. “He is not capable, he will not live that many years,” said the Ukrainian president. “He will die, that’s almost completely clear.”

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