Evelyn LaGrange has come quite a ways. Due to her positive attitude and assistance by her followers on interpersonal networking, this mom-of-two out of Texas shed nearly half her body weight–moving from 498 lbs to 260 lbs and shared her Weight Loss Journey on various social media platforms like TikTok.

To celebrate her accomplishment, LaGrange submitted a badly inspiring brief video to TikTok, revealing that she has reached her target and demonstrating just how far her body has shifted. The short clip utilizes several before and after photos and videos of herself, using”Level Up” from Ciara since the soundtrack.

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A movie as uplifting and infectious as this one went viral about TikTok, receiving over 430K likes and 11K remarks –the majority of which elicits LaGrange’s journey toward improved health. Health talked to LaGrange to learn more about her trip, and the stern struggle she struggled to get where she is now.

“As long as I can recall, food’d always been a comfort to me when I had been stressing or psychological,” she says, explaining that while she is always considered herself”heavyset,” it was only when the arrival of her daughter in 2007 she began gaining weight quickly.

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One afternoon in February 2017, LaGrange was home with her two kids if she felt like her mind was”struck by a baseball bat” She lost her eyesight and control of her intestines, and she was then rushed to the hospital.

She had been diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, a state in which the brain tissue extends into the spinal cord canal. The problem is the result of a little or misshapen skull; physicians told LaGrange she had it because she was born, but she did not show any signs until there. To be medicated for Chiari Malformation, nevertheless, she’d have to shed weight, her doctors said.

“The neurosurgeon stated I’d need to be under 200 lbs so for me to have brain decompression operation,” she recalls, which could care for the problem. Knowing that she wanted the surgery to become fit, she decided to eliminate weight.

To begin her weight-loss travel, LaGrange sought after an operation, namely gastric sleeve duodenal switch, a process where surgeons remove a part of the stomach to restrict the quantity of food an individual can eat. She had the operation in June 2018.

This Woman Used TikTok to Document Her Weight Loss Journey, and Her Results Will Seriously Inspire You
This Woman Used TikTok to Document Her Weight Loss Journey, and Her Results Will Seriously Inspire You

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“The physician explained that using this operation wasn’t a’magical operation or pill’ which won’t ever let me gain weight again,” states LaGrange. “I have had to learn to eat healthily, make healthy choices, and alter my relationship with food. I received another chance at life.”

Since the operation, LaGrange has followed a low-carb diet program recommended by her physician. But as of her mental condition, she has been advised not to perform any high-intensity workout. To keep herself busy, LaGrange needed to get inventive. She states that dance around the house when doing light housework has assisted her in incorporating activity into her daily routine.

Furthermore, she has discovered a way to make small adjustments that allow her to become physically active. “I began parking my car somewhat farther away from the shops, or taking the stairs once I am capable,” states LaGrange.

While LaGrange has made a great deal of progress, she must get under 200 pounds to be eligible for the brain operation she needs. Though she’s a little more to go, she knows that weight loss is not necessarily a linear journey.

“Most have the mindset that after an individual has a weight-loss operation, they won’t ever gain weight. That’s so wrong,” she states. “The rest is up for me to create wholesome lifestyle modifications to keep myself out of going back to 498 lbs.”