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Kitchen Cabinet Dilemma: Do The Cups Go Face-Up Or Face-Down?

The Heated Debate Every Couple Must Tackle

I must also acknowledge that I began laughing because I read your letter… in the event, you organize cups in the cupboard is you have to struggle about, and then I would say that you’re probably doing everything right in the grand scheme of things! However, in all seriousness, your query does raise a more fundamental point that is worth knowing.

Constructing a lifetime together means being ready to talk through your mutual and individual concerns, customs, and intentions. It is also about to undermine — not only settling for some fair middle earth but seeking to a getaway where you can end up coming out on top — even at the tiniest of items. You are both people who bring the consequences of the way you grew up, your schooling, and all of your previous experiences to the table; that is a part of what makes you who you are! But connection entails flexibility and a willingness to alter and adapt so which you could combine and confront life better collectively.

Time To Face The Elephant In The Room – Your Glassware Dilemma

And now that I have painted a gorgeous word picture concerning the character of healthy connections let us go back to the issue you have shared with me on your letter. It appears that among you (who will stay nameless, but that also did not pen the message that you wrote ) is plotting a rebellion against the current cabinet arrangement of glassware. Rebel scum! Shun the Notion! I sincerely hope you could assist your rebel boyfriend see the light… since I agree with you about maintaining the glassware facing upward in the cupboard.

Maintaining Drinkware Face-Down For Drainage Is Not The Best Choice

You wrote your rebel boyfriend states that eyeglasses should be saved face-down to let them drain after washing. On the outside, this place does appear to generate some sense, until you understand that the moisture has nowhere to go. Think about that any residual moisture will not dry if air can not get indoors. This dampness can make your shelf cluttered or even plump as time passes.

Kitchen Cabinet Dilemma: Do The Cups Go Face-Up Or Face-Down?

The Logic Of Keeping Your Cups And Glasses Face-Up

If you put your glassware face-down before it is scorched, then you run the chance of bacteria forming within these molecules of water. If you have ever worked at a restaurant or other prepared food business, you understand that freshly washed containers and containers have to be left at a situation in which air can circulate to this reason. Your rebel boyfriend could protest, “But that is not a restaurant!”

But if the proliferation of germs isn’t a key concern to your glassware cupboard, experience has taught me that stagnant air inside face-down eyeglasses can get rancid and even alter the taste of beverages. Who wants their drinks tainted by salty, sour air?

The sole argument against maintaining glasses face-up is the prospect of dust accumulating in them as time passes. But with this stage, it is essential to delineate between glassware you are keeping in prolonged storage, compared to glassware which you employ regularly. So far as the cups and glasses out of that you drink each week are involved, dust is not a great deal of concern.

If you don’t stay with a cluttered area and maintain your windows and cupboard doors open all the time, your often used eyeglasses just won’t ever sit long enough to find dusty. And for infrequently used glassware, you are probably going to need to wash it until you drink from it anyhow, so any possible for accumulated dust won’t be a variable there, possibly.

The Answer to Your Dilemma

In summary, I believe we have established that the ideal solution to your everyday glassware would be to keep it face-up from the cupboard. Recall our connection speak at the start of the report?

You could oversee organizing the glassware that is to be routinely used or exhibited (face-up!), also he could oversee holding any glass that is simply to be brought out for special events (face-down!). Just be sure that the extended storage glassware is dry before you let your boyfriend go through the exhilaration of putting it face-down on a tucked-away shelf. Win-win!

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