Costa Rica is a nation that’s worth your money and time. Costa Rica’s tourism abounds all year long, and also the geographic location makes it a very broadly popular destination. However, like any nation on the planet, there are particular things you need to Google and read prior to purchasing your airplane ticket. When the Google search has brought you here, then we are likely to live in-depth in regards to the things which each and every tourist needs to know before seeing Costa Rica.

If you are traveling to the country for the very first moment, then congratulations as we are here to help you get a wonderful experience. Without further ado, let us begin.

1.Costa Rica Is More Costly Than Other Nations in the Area

The absolute most crucial thing that you need to know before visiting a different country would be to check up on just how pricey the nation for traveling is. Considering that the nation can be found in the middle of both South America and North America, a lot of men and women believe it is extremely affordable. This may now be farther away from the truth, as Costa Rica is believed more expensive compared to its neighbors. From the North, you’ve got Nicaragua, which is rather a bad country and very cheap for traveling. From the South, you’ve Panama, which is not readily accessible and contains less tourism than Costa Rica. However, you’d be amazed about how costly the nation is, together with tours for certain places usually costing around $100. Petrol, on the other hand, will be twice the cost subsequently the USA or Canada, therefore have this in mind. It’s also advisable to do your homework about the costs-per-living in Costa Rica for just 1 week, the costs of meals, and general public transport.

9 Tips for Each Tourist to Know Prior to Seeing Costa Rica
9 Tips for Each Tourist to Know Prior to Seeing Costa Rica

2.It Is Really Small However It Takes More Time to Get Around

You would think that getting around the nation is a piece of cake as it’s smaller compared to Virginia. However, that is the largest mistake vacationers do if visiting the nation. Notably, the streets in Costa Rica are not as they ought to be. There’s a good deal of traffic congestion around the states’ streets as usually there’s but one drivable lane. To make things worse, trucks use that lane, so which makes it a nightmare to get city-to-city travel. 1 person that has documented his driving period from Tamarindo into San Jose (260 km/160 kilometers ) has been a whopping five hours! So even is that the nation is rather small, it’s a nightmare to go around it! Can you really wish to drive daily for a few hours simply to get someplace? We’d propose you to avoid driving there at all.

3.You’ll Be Notified when the Water is Safe to Drink

With all of its magnificence, Costa Rica has its flaws. Notably, being close to the sea has its own drawbacks. In certain areas across the nation, tap water is not considered safe to consume. This is hardly something that the nation might do about it, and the individuals must get alongside purchasing bottled water. But most areas will inform you if you can or can’t drink tap water. And fortunately for you, despite it being near the sea, tap water is generally considered safe for drinking at Cost Rica.

4.The Language

In Costa Rica, the major language is Spanish, because it was a colony. A lot of individuals do know this, however, there isn’t any harm in pointing out it. But if your Spanish is not like it ought to be to visiting Costa Rica, then you may always find it. 1 college that provides Spanish lesions while additionally providing endless pleasure for the pupils is Perfect Sunset School. Should you choose to request to learn Spanish together, do understand you will also acquire free diving courses.

9 Tips for Each Tourist to Know Prior to Seeing Costa Rica
9 Tips for Each Tourist to Know Prior to Seeing Costa Rica

5.US Dollars Is Widely Accepted

Costa Rica thrives in tourism, even so much the US dollar is thought of as the most”tourism money”. This is principal because a lot of the nations’ tourism is created by U.S. citizens. Owing to that, most resorts, hostels, and other lodging provide their costs in USD. To make matters more suitable for the American traveler, banks from the nation to offer mortgages and automobile payments in USD, entirely removing the conversion fee which many travelers need to cover. This is among the greatest reasons why Costa Rica is such a favorite travel destination.

6.You will find Sloths Everywhere!

Perhaps you have heard of sloths? Well, if yes prepare to fulfill a good deal of sloths whilst in your journeys. These cuddly and rather slow creatures could be fulfilled from the rainforests of Costa Rica. Though they’re away in the large cities, a very simple drive into the countryside and you’ll fulfill at least half a dozen of those. But they reside in particular locations, such as the southern areas of the nation on account of the positive climate. Therefore, in case you would like to satisfy one, look at going down south.

7.Tipping is not Mandatory

Fortunately for you personally, Costa Rica is not as appropriate as Italy or France, in which tipping is deemed ordinary and you receive the bad juju in case you don’t tip your server. Here, the tax, or service taxation, is included in the purchase price, and therefore you don’t have to pay any additional. All costs in Costa Rica are created out of all the tipping tax added, so what you see is what you spend after heading out.

8.Locals Love Tourists

It is safe to state local Costa Ricans like to speak with strangers and foreigners seeing their pristine nation. Odds are, if they listen to you speaking in a foreign speech, they’ll prevent you and attempt to get a dialogue with you. They are willing to understand where their visitors come in, and they’ll want you to visit their nation in bright lighting. They’re also rather simple and should they desire, they’ll prevent you to speak to you.

9.Costa Rica is Safe for Tourists

Contrary to other South American countries, Costa Rica is very safe with thieving regarded as the most frequent offense. This could come as a surprise for you, however, you will find a lot less frequent offenses in South America, and Costa Rica is generally safe for all individuals in the nation.